small__8510516476-300x225-300x225Avoid These Recruiting Mistakes and Increase Employee Retention Rates!

Want to see your business grow and flourish? It’s all about attracting and retaining good people at your company.  However, there’s been a lot of worry in the human resources space lately about employee turnover. As the job market continues to improve and competitors get more aggressive with their offerings, employees have started to jump ship in droves.  We’re big believers that retention starts at the recruiting process, not once an employee is already disillusioned with their job.  Afterall, the best way to get someone to engage and stay engaged is to get them right at the start of their career.  But so often we hear how difficult the recruiting process has become.  Many hiring managers lament that they’re not finding quality talent.  They estimate that their turnover is due to competitors poaching top talent.  Perhaps it’s because your recruiting team is missing some key opportunities in the hiring process.  Perhaps there are some recruiting mistakes that can be rectified to improve your employee retention rates.



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September 7, 2015 in Recruitment