Your Culture Is Your Brand sign in a conceptual imageHow to Assess Cultural Fit

It’s tough to be a hiring manager. You’ve got a great candidate in your office and you’re supposed to determine in an hour or less whether this person has the skill set necessary to perform, whether they’ll be a great fit for the company, and how they may be able to add to the team’s success. Yet, of those 3 hiring qualifications, the most widely misunderstood is cultural fit.

According to Leadership IQ, 46% of employees fail during the first 18 months in their position due to a lack ofcultural fit. This incredible statistic suggests that something more needs to be done in order to accurately determine a candidate’s fit with an organization. However, determining a candidate’s cultural fit for an organization can be difficult. How does a hiring manager know whether a bright new candidate will soon become the office scourge? How do they predict this person will spend all of their time on their Facebook and pass their work off on their team members, creating animosity in the office? How do they predict whether personalities or work styles will clash? Hiring for cultural fit can be difficult but with a little preparation and strategy, this process can be well defined.


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December 21, 2015 in Recruitment