6363562459_7399ee3c3e_mAmazon, Journalism, & Complicated Truths: An Employer Branding Story

“Your employer brand is the most challenging brand story you’ll ever have to tell. It needs to be consistent, true across different employees with different perspectives, constantly updated, and actively managed.”

That’s how my cofounder, Lisa Cervenka, views employer branding.

What makes employer branding so challenging is that in today’s world, the voice of the employee trumps the voice of the company, meaning that to manage the brand, a company has to somehow harness all of its employees in telling the same-ish story.

“-ish” because there isn’t just one story, any more than there is one story to explain your family, your alma mater, or your friends. The story always sort of depends on who’s talking, and who’s listening. The story is dynamic.

There are two implications of this. First, we have to accept that Truth today is messy.

SOURCE: linkedin.com

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August 24, 2015 in News