images8 Benefits of Social Media Use for Talent Management

The right use of technology can strengthen your talent management programs to create social and cooperative work environments. Zach Thomas, vice president of product strategy at Oracle, highlights the benefits in his article “How to Deliver the Right Employee Experience” in Talent Management. The article makes a good case for HR professionals who are trying to support the use of social media within their organization or for other HR specialists that need to be reminded of what can be achieved with technology.

1. Social recruiting – market job offers & culture where talent spends time

Market job offers and employer reputation in channels where prospective hires spend time. Recent facts show that 50% of Facebook users go to Facebook daily and 1/4 go to it five times a day. More importantly, if an organization wishes to be perceived as innovative and cutting-edge, it’s best to be visible in social media in a space where younger generations are active.


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November 19, 2013 in Marketing, Resource Centre