seven-start-blocks_300px7 Key Factors for Global Employer Brand Success

Almost each and every business now devises and implements an Employer Brand strategy in order to try to eke out a little competitive advantage, but it is hard to know how successful that employer brand strategy is going to be before it’s implemented. It’s an interesting catch 22, and one that will continue to be a challenge for both new Employer Brand strategies and for evolutions to existing ones.

However, there are certain factors that can be highlighted as crucial to the success of the employer brand globally. The factors in this list need to be tabled, considered, discussed and at times actioned to help guarantee the success.

 1. Gender and Racial diversity - We discussed this topic at length in an earlier blog. And the points raised there need to form part of your Employer Brand. Global organisations need a globally diverse workforce, and this will be easier to achieve if your Employer Brand is correctly aligned. Also, particular care should be taken that you do not offend anybody’s values and beliefs in marketing your employer brand.


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October 17, 2013 in Marketing, Resource Centre