shutterstock_1553146375 Top Social Marketing Lessons From British Small Businesses

In March, 10 British SMEs (small and medium enterprises) were chosen as winners by The Guardian’s Small Business Network and UPS for theirTrade Mission challenge. The 10 winners were Joe’s Tea Co., Emma Shipley (women’s wear and accessories), Concoction (customizable shampoo), Sugru (moldable glue), Pavegen Systems, Bare Conductive, Aquaforno, Haymax (pollen barrier balm), Montezuma’s Chocolates and Plastic Castle.

Delegates from these companies were invited on a 5-day trip to the U.S. to hear from top export advisers, trade experts and British companies that were already ruling the U.S. market. It also gave them the opportunity to network with American companies and learn firsthand how to establish presence in the United States.


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September 1, 2015 in Marketing