C5 Surprising Results of Engagement in Recruiting

I know about recruiting. I know about employment branding. I know about marketing.  I know about strategy. And I know about technology. All of these arenas require engagement to work well. There are very few jobs which allow you, as the employee, to disengage and remove yourself from human contact and/or declare yourself as completely independent–no need to communicate or engage with another human being. Communication is necessary to success in our work.

We state that doctors with poor engagement skills have no “bedside manner.” We call slick sales people “used car salesmen” (not a term of endearment). Recruiters are called “headhunters”–a less than stellar reminder of poor communication skills and ruthless practices. Nurses are named “Ratched” when their harsh and less than appealing persona shines through.  Engagement skills for these folks have not been developed well.  Perhaps they failed to understand basic behavioral science or they were not Dale Carnegie fans–they don’t care about friendships or the potential of being named an influencer.

I have worked in talent acquisition for many years. First, as a practitioner (read: headhunter, yep I was one), next as a consultant, and then as a promoter and developer of HR and recruiting technologies. Throughout my time in the recruiting space, I have seen engagement tactics that have worked and those that fail.  The greatest source of failure has come from lack of contact or non-existent communication: the ultimate engagement fail.

SOURCE: work4labs.com

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November 29, 2013 in Recruitment