e15 Simple ways to improve your Employer Brand in 2014

It may seem from the news that it is an employer’s market out there, with every job vacancy oversubscribed. But finding the best people for the job remains a headache for many employers.

At Christopher Benn we have over 30 years of experience in the industry and we know very well that if a company is known to be a lousy employer which doesn’t treat its staff well, it will struggle to find the right staff it needs to fill its vacancies. Therefore, an employer brand strategy is needed to make the company stand out and encourage the talent to come forward.

Effective corporate PR
It may sound obvious that all employer branding is mainly about PR and, in a way, it is. A business lives or dies by its reputation; it determines its customer base, its prices and future path and poor PR is often linked to poor sales.

When something goes wrong and the press gets a hold of it, the consequences can be catastrophic for the business. To build an employer brand, the company needs to actively engage in public relations.

SOURCE: recruitmentbuzz.co.uk

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December 10, 2013 in Resource Centre