Male-executive-holding-business-success-chart5 Crucial Employer Brand Messages for 2013

We are seeing massive cultural and technological changes in society and this is being reflected in the candidate marketplace through heightened and changed candidate expectations. For example, new mobile communications and collaboration technologies are arriving, which are making it easier for employees to work out of the office, at home, on the go, in hotels, airport lounges and coffee houses. Increasingly, employees and particularly top talent are expecting to be able to work this way, in a way that is sympathetic to their work and life style preferences.

As well as this, we remain in the grips of an economic slowdown and we are seeing increasing pressure on the ‘purse’ as childcare fees and fuel fees escalate while at the same time job security is dwindling and real estate remains a liability and not an asset for many following the housing crash.


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October 17, 2013 in Marketing