leadership-and-employer-branding5 CEOs Who Make Employer Branding A Priority

Companies promote themselves and their products through corporate branding, and they promote their reputation as employers through employer branding. Much in the same way that a business tries to sell its services or products to consumers, employer branding is an attempt to “sell” the business to potential job candidates. Those with the strongest employer brand strategies are more likely to attract top talent–an increasingly important task amid the current skills shortage.

So what makes up an employer brand? Consider every aspect of working at your company–salaries, benefits, working spaces, location, colleagues, employee training and development, other perks–all of these features can be promoted as part of your employment brand. An up-to-date and highly functional career website, paired with a strong social media presence and vocal brand ambassadors from within your ranks impact your status as a great place to work.

SOURCE: jibe.com

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November 12, 2015 in Resource Centre