2_Ways_to_Improve_Your_Hiring_Process.jpg-300x1844 Critical Areas you Need to Know when Measuring Candidate Experiences

Your candidates will experience countless hiring processes throughout their job search. From the time they search for jobs, to the application and interview processes, to any offers they may receive, every candidate will participate in something unique. And, depending on what the candidate experiences during that process, it will have an influence on whether or not a candidate takes a job they’re offered.

4 Essential Areas Of Improvement from Candidate Experience Measurement

Being able to effectively measure the candidate experience can have many different business impacts on your organization – even if only 51% of organizations understand the connection between talent strategies and business strategies. However, before your organization joins the 51% of organizations that are taking advantage of that connection, you must first understand where some of the potential benefits come from. According to Undercover Recruiter, there are four business-critical areas to evaluate.

SOURCE: business2community.com

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August 21, 2015 in Resource Centre