3-megaphones_300px3 reasons why Narrative is critical to Employer Branding

The role of narrative in Employer Branding is becoming essential. Where thirty-second sound bites may have done well in the late twentieth century, today’s talent pool expects more.

They want messages that they can wrap their heads around and communications from a company that seem natural and personal. A narrative is critical path to utilising the basic building blocks of your employer branding strategy, namely your EVP’s.

Although the world of employer branding is a little bit different from other kinds of brand development, many of the same general principles apply. Global employer branding managers are trying to orient their target audience, illustrate talking points, and generally draw their target talent into a conversation about the finer points of working in their particular company. With that in mind, one of the biggest pitfalls in this kind of brand outreach involves something that advertisers of all kinds have to pay very careful attention to.

SOURCE: papirflybrandcentre.com

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October 17, 2013 in Resource Centre