download3 Employee Engagement myths

Take any business ‘buzz word’ and it’s a fair bet that the longer it is in existence, the harder it is to delve beneath the plethora of ‘me too’ articles to find the nugget of truth. That’s certainly the case with employee engagement. Those who get it right know that it is a real business differentiator but those searching the net for employee engagement help may be forgiven for thinking that it is now simply a catchall phrase for anything and everything to do with business. So much so that articles are now creeping in which suggest that engagement may have had its day.

That’s far from the truth but perhaps it is time to get back to basics, to look at engagement as people focused differentiator which it can be. With that in mind, and with this month’s theme being hints and tips we thought it would be time to bust a few employee engagement myths.


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August 19, 2015 in Marketing, Resource Centre